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Ondo 2024: In Truth, It Is Their Turn: A Case for Ileoluji/Okeigbo In Ondo South Senatorial District 

By Olumide Yinka Ayo

Politics in Nigeria, has no doubt over the years created scenarios where history is created or thwarted. In some cases, twisted to suit whosoever wishes to use such for political gains or favoritism.

In Ondo State, there are three senatorial district namely North, South and central. In Ondo North there exists four local councils in the Akoko area, Owo and Ose Local Government Areas. The Central comprises Akure South, Akure North, Ondo West, Ondo East, Idanre and Ifedore Local Government Areas while the South is made up of Ilaje, Ese-Odo, Irele, Okitipupa, Odigbo and Ileoluji/Okeigbo local government areas.

This piece will however focus on Ondo South Senatorial District and with particular reference to Ileoluji/Okeigbo Local Government Area vis-a-vis other local governments.

Over the years, Ileoluji/Okeigbo Local Government has consistently been an integral part of Ondo South Senatorial District with remarkable contributions to the zone.

Ileoluji/Okeigbo Local Government has a unique location that often time without number calls for special attention. The uniqueness is obvious in the peaceful conglomeration of Ile-Oluji town, Okeigbo and the various communities within the locality despite their differences especially in culture, dialect and other ways of life.

Politically, Ile-Oluji/Okeigbo Local Government have shown exemplary visibility which has often brought it some level of political reckoning. Although most of these supposed reckonings have been statutory positioning; as often done by those at government, in power. Each local government has a Commissioner, and if luck shines on the local government, a Special Adviser or Board member may be added.

The loyalty of the people in Ile-Oluji/Okeigbo Council area to the government in power has never been in doubt because the political leadership has always delivered during elections.

As Ondo State approaches the 2024 out of circle Governorship Election and with the focus tilting towards the Southern Senatorial District from the unwritten rotational order, it is pertinent to give room for equity and fairness. Among the local government areas that made up the Southern Senatorial District, some have had and some still having the privilege to either be Governor, Deputy or Secretary to the State Government, SSG, non of these positins has even come to Ile-Oluji/Okeigbo Local Government Area.

Some of these beneficiaries include late Prince Afolabi Iyatan from (Ode aye) served as Deputy governor for four years, Dr Olusegun Kokumo Agagu from Ikale (iju odo) served as Governor for six years, Hon Agboola Ajayi from Ese-Odo served as Deputy governor for four years and currently, Mr Lucky Aiyedatiwa from Ilaje serving as Deputy Governor to the incumbent Governor, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Odunayo Akeredolu, SAN, CON.

For the purpose of fairness and equity, Political permutations and calculations should be allowed to favour Ile-Oluji/Okeigbo for it not to be seen as being sidelined because fate brought the six local government areas in the southern part of Ondo State together.

The task ahead for the political class is to shun all sentiments and look into Ondo South Senatorial District with the sole aim of picking a through-bred politician equipped enough with the rigorous intrigues of government and governance, yet trained with the tested mind of a technocrat.

And the truth is simple, there are not many of such persons endowed with such outstanding abilities.

Let the stakeholders open their eyes, wide enough to see so they can behold the golden fish on the soil of Ondo South just as the popular saying goes that “a golden fish has no hiding place”.

Olumide Yinka Ayo writes from Akure.

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” Imado iba se bi elede abaluje, eru iba j’oba, ko ni ku eni kankan”.

According to Prof. Wole Soyinka, the Yoruba language is too deep for any English translation to aptly capture the essence of it’s words, talk less of it’s rich philosophical proverbs. In order to achieve any meaning, you only try as best as you can. As it is usually said on the street ” understanding lo matter”.

In one of my writings some years ago, I sought the help of the thespian Tomogun Olubunmi from Irun Akoko to help translate to English the above proverb. He came up with an explanation rather than a translation. According to him an Imado ( Warthog) is the opposite of the local Elede (Pig). While the Warthog lives in the bush, the Pig lives with human beings in their various communities. The Warthog is a very destructive animal and it’s activities do not conform with societal values. On its part, the Pig has been domesticated and had passed through a level of aculturisation, hence, it conforms to societal practices, at least better than it’s counterpart from the bush.

In an attempt to behave like the Pig, if given the chance to live among the people, the result would be an unmitigated disaster, regressive and regrettable. Also, the other part of the proverb says, if a slave becomes the King by any happenstance or arrangement, the concomitant effect of it will be disaster, disappointment, gnashing of teeth, destruction and death. This is what Ondo State is currently facing with the emergence of Hon. Lucky Orimisan Ayedatiwa as the Governor of Ondo State.

I have painstakingly read all the arrows flying around since the G-5(6), came up with their letter from the Green Chamber. Only a fool will deny that most of what they said in the letter are untrue. On Adelami, every Owo man knew what happened before the primaries. I have spoken to the leaders of the two camps involved in the near death carnage. I also know ( without talking to him) that Hon. Adelegbe, during the period was angling for a return to the House of Representatives. His ambition was not separated from that of Aketi. If Aketi failed to get a second term, his second term ambition is dead before it takes off. So, he definitely had an idea of those who weaponised Owo to unseat his benefactor. If a man of such becomes the Deputy Governor, the story cannot be hidden too much even when it is a fact on the street of Owo and the security agencies cannot deny the fact. But it is what it is.

I also, agree that better sense prevailed and Adelani handed over his campaign office and ” structure” to Aketi. The day it happened, I was the compere as usual. To also say that Adelani went to the 18 local governments with Aketi or did a rally for him as some people are suggesting through a viral video is a lie from hell. I was the Master of Ceremony for all the campaigns and by virtue of my political engagement, I know the who is who in APC in Ondo State. I have a way of recognizing people or bringing them to the podium to speak or “show” themselves even when local political situations or calculations demand the opposite. I always insisted and usually have my way. If not for anyone, Apata and Hon. Bola Ilori are very good examples.

It is another fool that will say, the Abuja “activists” were wrong when they said Ayedatiwa is married to anything and anyone that is against Aketi and his interests. For instance, of the Commissioner nominees, only two of them Olamide Falana and Niyi Oyeniyi appointed by Aketi did not openly oppose him while he was sick. But they have strong relationship with those against Aketi. One, as a beneficiary and the other as a sponsor. Out of the Special Advisers, which of them is not openly opposed to Aketi in his lifetime? Everyone knew that they have an axe to grind with Aketi. They fought his known supporters, his family and government to a stand still. They blackmailed his appointees and his government heavily.

Currently, there are more “aliens” and anti- APC ( Aketi) elements working and advising Ayedatiwa than Aketi had in his almost seven (7) years leadership of the party and the government. Is it not a fact that a man who had spent less than four years in APC asked the Chairman of the party to resign in the presence of the Governor? What level of irresponsibility or insult could be more than that? Aside from Gbenga Omole, is it not a fact that core APC or Team Aketi had lost out completely in the configuration of Ayedatiwa government as it presently stands? What better way to spite Aketi and APC members that the presence of John Paul Akinduro as the Chief Press Secretary to Ayedatiwa attached to the office of the Deputy Governor. Where is that coming from or in compensation for what and for who? Haba! Those who do not know the guy should read the story of Akinjo becoming the NDDC Commissioner for Ondo State. How on earth can Ayedatiwa and his minders defend the nomination and screening of Kayode Ajulo as Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice in an APC government in Ondo State? Anyway few people saw this coming and said it long time ago. We said these people were not fighting Aketi and his government for the benefit of Ondo State people, but as a back-end route into the government of Ondo State. Here we are now.

Going forward, reading the letter from Hon Makinde, MHR in opposition to that of the G-5(6), one can see the truth and the lies by the writer. It was a fact that the Cacus was silent and lost their voice when things were hot in Ondo State and the current Governor was in a hurry to see the end of his Oga which eventually happened. It was also true that they never visited the family after his demise as a group. It was also true that many of the Abuja later day activists were deaf and dumb during the Aketi travails. A man like Adelegbe who could not have gotten to Abuja in the first place or have a second term was the first to betray Aketi and his family.

It was also true that Makinde himself, a beneficiary of Aketi’s benevolence of a second term kept quiet during this period and supported Ayedatiwa at the back against Aketi. It was true that he had led a delegation of “Ekimogun Endorsers” to Ayedatiwa where they were promised mouth watering assistance for Ondo Egin. A one billion Naira rainfall had been dropped at UNIMED , Ondo for infrastructure improvement. It would seem everything that Aketi did in the University had paled into insignificance.

Is it not a fact that, the war song among these later day Ayedatiwa lovers is to bring down the political seuzerainity of a Deaconess and a Jagaban of Ondo State in Ondo West APC for the advantage of the opposing group been spearheaded by Jibayo Adeyeye? Is it not a fact that Hon. Makinde himself is a Director General of Ayedatiwa in Ondo? If this is true, why is he blowing those of others out of proportion even when some of the assertions a blatantly untrue and off the mark?

Makinde played a fast one on himself when he spoke about the 35% palliative payment. Ayedatiwa cannot swear that he was not aware this monies had been signed by Aketi and scheduled for payment at the time it was paid. It was part of the financial engineering put on ground by the Ministry of Finance which had worked so far bringing Ondo State to a State of relative financial stability. Payment of this money started in November, 2023. At this period Aketi was defacto and dejure ( in law and in fact) the Governor of Ondo State.

As if Aketi knew he would not make it, he had painstakingly under excruciating pain signed many financial commitments for the benefit of his people in Ondo State particularly the workers and the pensioners. But what did he get? Rasak Obe another ” alien” to APC falsely alleged that the Governor’s signatures was forged. Despite the denial by the Governor and the government, these hysterics and the Deputy Governor continued to pillory, harass and embarrass the Governor, his family, his appointees, his government and the people of Ondo State with their false narratives until Aketi breath his last. Even after his death, the ” game is still on”.

Imado (Warthog) is not deaf neither is an Eru ( Slave) blind. Also, an Imado is not destructive because it wanted to be but because it was born with it. It is in it’s gene and alcultured to it. Also, an Eru (Slave) is not just an ingrate, a betrayer or a killer because it is an Eru. He is like that because he chooses to be like that. He is power drunk and power hungry. An Eru has the capacity and propensity to pay good with evil. To destroy something that it met in a near perfect position. An Eru is in the habit of coveting the position or status of his master. Such an Eru will blackmail and destroy anything on its way to get to power.

On this matter, my advise to our Governor is to look carefully and study the situation as it unfolds. The symphony the Orchestra from the National Assembly is playing is not without the understanding of the eminent trio from the Red Chamber. It would be naive for Mr. Governor to think both the national headquarters of the party and the Villa are immuned or deaf to these rumblings. It is a statement that is clear and straightforward.

Unknown to Mr Governor, he was given the chance to make his political dance steps for them to see if he has all it takes to lead a complex and strategic State like Ondo State. But he showed his hand that he does not posses what it takes. His weakness is exercerbated by The quality and character of persons he had packed around himself. The quality and credibility of his appointments have shown that …Aye-o-da-ti- won, simply because (nitori), ko derun rara o.

* Sola Ajisafe is a strong member of APC.

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Financial Metrics Analysis in Agribusiness: Unveiling Overlooked Indicators

This research article explores the strategic evaluation of financial metrics in the agribusiness sector, shedding light on often-overlooked indicators crucial for a comprehensive assessment of the industry’s financial health. By examining overlooked ratios, such as gearing ratio, interest cover, acid test ratio, cash conversion cycle, return on equity (ROE), and return on capital employed (ROCE), the study aims to provide a nuanced toolkit for investors and agribusiness owners. The article concludes by illustrating the practical implications of these ratios through a hypothetical scenario, emphasizing their role in guiding strategic financial decisions for sustainable growth.

1. Introduction:
The agribusiness sector, often evaluated through conventional metrics like net profit and gross profit margin, requires a more comprehensive approach for an accurate financial assessment. This article aims to redirect attention to lesser-known but impactful financial indicators, offering investors and agribusiness owners an informed toolkit.

2. Gearing Ratio and Interest Cover:
2.1 Gearing Ratio:
The gearing ratio provides insights into a company’s financial leverage. By analyzing total debt in relation to shareholders’ equity, this ratio helps businesses strike a balance between debt and equity, ensuring a stable capital structure.

2.2 Interest Cover:
The interest cover, or times interest earned (TIE) ratio, measures a company’s ability to meet interest payments using operating profit. This ratio, alongside the gearing ratio, aids in managing debt levels and ensures financial stability.

3. Acid Test Ratio and Cash Conversion Cycle:

3.1 Acid Test Ratio:
Examining a company’s liquidity, the acid test ratio excludes inventory from current assets. Particularly vital in agribusiness, where inventory may not quickly convert to cash, this ratio offers insights into a company’s short-term obligation coverage.

3.2 Cash Conversion Cycle:
This financial metric measures the efficiency of converting investments into cash flow. By assessing inventory days, receivables days, and payable days, businesses can identify areas for improvement, leading to enhanced cash flow and operational efficiency.

4. Return on Equity and Return on Capital Employed:
4.1 Return on Equity (ROE):
ROE gauges a company’s profitability in utilizing shareholders’ equity. This metric, when compared across industries, provides a benchmark for investors and analysts, showcasing the company’s efficient use of equity capital.

4.2 Return on Capital Employed (ROCE):
ROCE offers a holistic performance indicator by assessing a company’s efficiency in using both equity and debt for profit generation. Analyzing ROE and ROCE provides valuable insights into financial performance and aids in strategic decision-making.

5. Conclusion:
Business leaders must grasp the significance of understanding and connecting various financial ratios, as they serve as indispensable tools for formulating effective financial improvement plans. A hypothetical scenario illustrates the practical impact of judicious ratio analysis management, guiding strategic financial decisions for sustained growth and success.

Author: Agosile Akinjide

Altman, E.I., 1968. Financial ratios, discriminant analysis and the prediction of corporate bankruptcy. The journal of finance, 23(4), pp.589-609.
Beaver, W.H., 1966. Financial ratios as predictors of failure. Journal of accounting research, pp.71-111.
Barnes, P., 1987. The analysis and use of financial ratios. Journal of Business Finance dan Accounting, 14(4), p.449.

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The King’s Cancer and State Cancer – Hope O’Rukevbe Eghagha

King Charles III

The king of England has cancer; may the cancer be short-lived and may the king live long on the throne of his forbears which he mounted at 75. When the king catches cancer, or when cancer catches the king, the land is in mourning. For we know the unforgiving aggression and anger of a remorseless cancer. But hope there is. This cancer was caught early by eagle-eyed doctors and the king will be spared. Perhaps it was the prostate that saved the king, saved the monarchy, and saved the land. What a fitting tribute therefore to the power of the prostate and such allied matters!
The king was unusually open about his prostate. That very sensitive and private part of male anatomy, for royalty or working-class folks, is not for public show. African elders have a proverb that ‘a child may play with its mother’s breasts, but not its father’s testicles! Flash back to 1951 when heavy smoker King George VI, father of Queen Elizabeth 11, underwent a left total pneumonectomy, euphemistically called ‘structural abnormalities’ but was indeed cancer. The physicians hid the diagnosis from him, the public and the medical profession. Although the king recovered slowly from the surgery, he died suddenly in his sleep on February 6, 1952, at the age of 56. And Elizabeth became Queen of England. Now, the Queen has passed on. There is no information on the cause of her death.
So, we must commend King Charles for openness. The king’s private parts are not for public discussion. Indeed, the dead body of most African king is often hidden. Burial is often secret, except for some, like the last Ibadan monarch whose Islamic funeral was held publicly. But in the 21st century, the monarchy, especially the British monarchy, has become open and matters of their bedroom have entered social media and mainstream newspapers. NHS reports that after the king came open on his prostate, ‘visits to the NHS website prostate enlargement page were up by more than 1000%’. I went to check mine too! Be sure that the result is for my private consumption.
Prostate enlargement is a health condition which affects half of all men starting in their 50s. It is also called ‘benign prostatic hyperplasia’. The chances of getting the condition increase with age. Some men in their 40s can also have an enlarged prostate. The main symptoms of an enlarged prostate are related to urination, either storage symptoms or voiding symptoms. Doctors say that being ‘proactive rather than reactive with the symptoms may be beneficial in preserving bladder and kidney functions. Here in Nigeria, the common attitude among men is that surgery should be avoided because it is a fifty-fifty success story. Whether this is true I cannot say for certain. But the sheer number of herbs which Nigerians peddle and drink for prostate treatment is indicative of their attitude to orthodox treatment. Herbs which reduce the symptoms are found in the market.
To be sure, most presidents and Heads of State in Africa are emperors in temper and character. They are not to be challenged. They do not disclose their health challenges to mere mortals. There is the fear too that an open disclosure of one’s health status could invite evil forces to add fire to fire and make the ailment incurable! Superstition is a way of life for them. Former President Buhari stayed in London for months taking treatment for an undisclosed ailment at the expense of the state. If our rulers must receive treatment for any ailment, it must be abroad. No shame. No dignity. But King Charles simply checked into The Clinic in London for treatment. He did not fly to America or France or Dubai. Pause for a while and see the embarrassment it would cause if Britain did not have the facility to treat her king or Prime Minister!
Kings, like the rest of us, are mortals. They are subject to the frailty of mortals. They could fall ill and recover or die. They will all die, ultimately. The news therefore is not that the King has cancer. The news is that he is open about it. There is amazing self-confidence that the public announcement of prostate and suggests. He has lived a good life. At 75, anything could happen. One must show courage and get on with life. Cancer is dreaded. The mere diagnosis of cancer has killed some. It changes everything. It brings one’s mortality very close. Some have been given three months to live after diagnosis. At such times, one must put ‘his house in order! Repentance, forgiveness, kindness, and charity could come into the equation to make peace with God.
Scary as it is to have a national leader who has cancer, the greatest problem is when the king himself is a form of cancer to the state. A president or governor or prime minister who bleeds the state is a form of cancer. Such cancerous heads should be severed the way cancerous organs are surgically removed. This is the notion of the king as scapegoat. It is atavistic, but not uncommon in modern history, either through the ballot box or other legitimate means. Indeed, the mass of the people are likely to pray for cancer to take away a cancerous king! Luckily, Charlie is not in that mold, despite Diana and the rest of their history.
If the king has cancer, the king can be saved, the king should be saved, and the land can be saved. But if the king himself is the cancer, there is no hope for the land. We sympathize with the king and wish him well. Both parents of his were nonagenarians when they took their exit from the world. It is my hope that he too would have the same grace extended to him. While nothing is automatic, there is no reason not to believe that with the best of medical care his lot would be like theirs. Long live the king!

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